Cyclone Fracking Disposal Well Approved by DEP

Cyclone Fracking Disposal Well Approved by DEP: approved-by-dep/ Andy Paulsen Jan 23, 2024 | 11:19 AM
"Starting a petition isn’t something I would normally do, but I was moved to do so because regulators put the health and safety of the residents of Cyclone at risk . I know I’m not alone and together we can make this change happen. Please sign and share!"
Delivering the 1937 Cyclone area map to Governor Josh Shapiro. More info on the petition:

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EPA Permit:

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CAMA's Letter of Intent, lease with Epiphany and more!

Here is the "Letter of Intent" which was signed by Epiphany and CAMA, May 23, 2016. Link Here

CAMA's signed lease & addendum is also available online.  Link here.

The deed for the Borough of Coudersport property, CAMA tried to lease to Epiphany is also online.Deed link here.



Why I'm Committed To 'Save The Allegheny'

Why I'm Committed

To 'Save The Allegheny'

by Georgeanna DeCarlo

I believed that moral and ethical duties of Coudersport Area Municipal Authority (CAMA) would have necessitated public's inclusion and precluded any monumental undertaking that would so vastly transform our community. Specifically, consequences of implementation of a fracking wastewater treatment facility into the Headwaters of the Allegheny River, the only triple divide east of the Mississippi.

Placing a fracking wastewater treatment facility at the Allegheny Headwaters brings potential of enormous detrimental affect to not only the economic value of local homeowners' property, businesses, and general aesthetic worth of this region, but to all properties and businesses downstream. Dismissal of these economical factors alone show CAMA's irresponsibility toward and brazen disregard of seeing their duty as one of public service, rather acceptance of an invitation by a JKLM Energy representative, who proposed this idea. This is one of a multitude of factors that spurred formation of Save The Allegheny.

Additionally, environmental and governmental studies prove ill affects associated with fracking wastewater to people and the environment. CAMA refuted residents' concerns by merely pointing to the obvious DEP regulations that Epiphany Environmental fracking wastewater treatment plant would need to function within. Residents expected to see an independent research study by CAMA outlining benefits and detriments to people and the environment through implementation of a fracking wastewater treatment facility in Coudersport. CAMA did not produce any documentation to show that environmental, economical, cultural, and climate impact studies were conducted. I see this as another negligence of CAMA's due diligence.

Residents who recently attended CAMA meetings to express their concerns were made to feel that their opinion was in-valid by an Authority that was merely patronizing attendance of non-members. Issues raised by residents were well founded objections to putting a fracking wastewater treatment facility here; some questions and concerns based on prior EPA environmental impact studies that clearly point to dangers that eluded recognition due to indistinct DEP regulations as fracking is a relatively recent practice. New research and environmental impact studies continue to bring evidence to light and restructure dialog to protect people and the environment from factors that were not apparent until historical reports were able to be generated from research of fracking impact.

Authority members defended their stance and refuted public concerns of potential toxicity to air, soil and water by claiming that Thomas Joseph CEO of Epiphany Environmental told them that he was working with DEP. Authority members seemed satisfied by verbal assurance from Mr. Joseph but the public wants documentation. We want to see proof of Mr. Joseph's self-proclaimed novel technique.

The choice to be proactive in our community to not have a fracking wastewater treatment facility here is not done out of ignorance, rather preempted by education about the risks. CAMA has also not made public the background check and business performance report and portfolio that must have been generated before CAMA entered into a business contract with Mr. Joseph.

Public also has not had access to the methodology that Epiphany Environmental LLC plans to use and therefore is unable to respond to the particulars of this plan. However, there is a wealth of information to be found in similar facilities.

CAMA members feel that they've done their job of alleviating public concern by continually pointing to DEP regulations as facility safeguards. I disagree.

I believe that the vast detrimental and far reaching, long term affects of implementation of a fracking wastewater treatment plant into our community goes beyond its potential to emit hazardous toxins. As landholders at the headwaters of the Allegheny River we have the responsibility of maintaining a healthy environment for ourselves and our posterity. I choose to live in this region because of its pristine environment. I do not find consolation as CAMA does, that DEP regulations are enough to alleviate concerns and provide “insurance” of public and environmental safety.

For these reasons the Save The Allegheny group was formed.


Save The Allegany is not a divisive action, rather an op-positional response to CAMA's actions. Save The Allegheny members are working to assist the community to improve our understanding of DEP & EPA Regulations regarding Unconventional Well Wastewater, Public Sewage Treatment Facilities and Water Quality Management. 

Did a Trojan Horse Just Enter the Scene?

August 2, 2017

Here is a copy of the current deed on file with the Potter County Register and Recorder. And it reflects the property CAMA's sewage plant sits upon belongs to the  "Borough of Coudersport." It belonged to the Borough of Coudersport since 1985.

CAMA  board members planned and negotiated for 15 months. Negotiations took place behind closed doors and the public did not have an oppertunity to review plans before CAMA entered into the lease agreement. CAMA simply refused to answer questions or address the many environmental, health and safety concerns that were raised before signing the lease. These lingering questions have gone unanswered. Economic and health concerns and those related to permitting, air quality, traffic and safety have also gone unaddressed.

There was no transparency during the process, no accountability and nobody on the CAMA board was willing to talk with the  area residents about their concerns. The public was simply cut out of the entire process.

And perhaps more importantly, not one CAMA board member contacted regulators at the North Central Regional Office of the Department of Environmental Protection to discuss the proposal  with the engineer and others whose jobs are to review waste treatment facility plans and permit applications.

CAMA's  discussions  began  in April of 2016, The following is a snip from the April CAMA Meeting Minutes:

(If viewing from a mobile device see page 2 here: )


And as planning progressed the Aug. 22, 2016 CAMA minutes indicate board members became aware CAMA did not own the property they were planning to lease to Epiphany. The following are snips from that meeting. Here is a link to the  meeting minutes:

( If viewing from a mobile device see Page 7 here: )



( If viewing from a mobile device see page 12 here: )

 The following are snips from November 22, 2016 CAMA minutes:

(It's important to note, Coudersport did not own the property until 1985.)  

After Aug, 2016 CAMA board members had to lubricate themselves in order to move around the elephant in the room.That  room also sits on Borough of Couderport's property.

CAMA seemingly ignored the little "ownership" detail. Instead continued planning and commited to invest in engineering, site prep, E&S  permit and gravel, plumbing and electrical to prepare land and leased to Epiphany, land that CAMA simply did not own.

All to benefit the wealthiest industry in the world.

(see page 7 here: )

And In June 2017, CAMA's solicitor explained to the public,CAMA is  "three and a half million dollars in debt." And if they don't lease they need to raise sewage bills.  

People in the neighborhood of the proposed waste treatment facility and also someone who works for the county have repeated rumors, saying  a CAMA board member plans on purchasing the Signet land across the street from the sewage authority.There are no records on file at the deed office to back up these claims. And at this point they are just rumors. However if these rumors hold true and a CAMA member does purchase the property across the road from the sewer plant, it would open up an entirely different can of worms. And while the worms are being  scooped back into the can, Epiphany may decide to start over and try to change their plans and try to build their frack waste facility across the street.  

So now we wait to see who, if anyone jumps into bed with Epiphany while the spot that just opened up is still warm.

So don't crack open the champagne just yet!



JKLM Proposed Site For Their Waste Disposal is Core Biological Diversity Area